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Family Law


Family Law

Family law can include many different areas, including adoption, divorce, child custody, guardianships and conservatorships, spousal support, and premarital agreements.  Our firm assists clients through the legal process of any of these situations. 


Mediation is where a neutral third party sits in on a negotiation with two parties as they talk about a dispute and attempt to create a solution. During a mediation, the parties are able to discuss the situation, their individual needs, and how it has affected them.


Most often used in place of “divorce,” to mean the dissolving or end of a marriage (dissolution of marriage).  It can also refer to the ending or dissolving of a corporation or organization.


Minor custody, or child custody, means the obligation to control, care for, supervise and educate a child. Custody is split in to two types- legal custody and physical custody. Custody is determined in a divorce or separation proceeding.

After a dissolution, there may be parental disputes over decisions for the parties joint children. Our firm assists clients to find a resolution that is best interest for the child.

Minor Guardianship and Conservatorship

One who has legal authority and the duty to care for another person because of the person’s age, incapacity, or disability. A guardianship is the legal concept or framework for such services.


The adoption process may seem like an intimidating process and our firm can walk with you through this process.

Iowa adoption laws don’t name a specific adoption age limit, nor do they have any marriage requirements. As long as an adult is financially and emotionally prepared to raise a child and has no felonies involving children or violence on their criminal record, they will most likely be able to pursue adoption in the state of Iowa.

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