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The history of Hastings & Gartin Law Group, LLP began more than 75 years ago. George H. Clark, Sr. left his law practice in Ida Grove, Iowa to move to Ames in 1939 to be Assistant Iowa Attorney General for the Iowa Highway Commission. Ed J. Kelley, an Ames attorney, allowed George to live in Ed’s home for a while. George remained at the Highway Commission until 1945 when he joined the firm of Smedal & Maurer. Shortly thereafter Clark left to form a partnership with Kelley around 1946. Clark & Kelley were partners in the firm until 1959 when Ed became a District Court Judge.

After interrupting his law school training to serve as an Air Force pilot in the Korean War, George H. Clark, Jr. graduated from the University of Iowa Law School in 1959. He joined his father and they practiced together until 1974, when George, Sr. passed away. The practice was located on Main Street above the old Carr Hardware store. George Clark passed away in 2007.

Craig R. Hastings joined George, Jr. in 1974 upon his graduation from the University of Michigan Law School. They moved to a new building at 315 Sixth Street. George and Craig were together for twenty one years until 1995 when George retired from the practice. The practice was then moved to our current location at 409 Duff Avenue. Craig practiced law for 41 years and passed away in January, 2016, after fighting a brave battle with brain cancer. He will be missed.

Timothy L. Gartin joined Craig as an associate when he graduated from the University of Northern Illinois Law School in May, 1996. In January, 1998 he became a partner. After Tim became partner, the firm's name was changed to Hastings & Gartin, LLP.

Andrew J. Boettger joined the firm as an associate in 2005 after graduating from Regent University School of Law. He became partner in January 2010. After Andy became partner, the firm's name was changed to Hastings, Gartin & Boettger, LLP.

Chad E. Schneider joined the firm as an associate in 2017 after graduating from Regent University School of Law.  He became partner in April 2020.

Joseph B. Wallace joined the firm as an associate in November 2020. He graduated from University of Northern Illinois Law School in 1996. He has spent his career working in corporate development, financial consulting and investment banking.  He specializes in business law, mergers & acquisitions, real estate and estate planning. He became partner in January 2022.

Andrew J. Boettger left the firm in 2020. After Andy left the firm, the firm's name was changed to Hasting's & Gartin Law Group, LLP to reflect the rich history of the firm and recognize the additional partners that have joined the firm.

Office Building of Hastings, Gartn & Boettger LLP


The goal of Hastings & Gartin Law Group, LLP is to give our clients prompt, accurate service at a reasonable cost. In order to give this kind of service we have invested extensively in computer hardware and software for the attorneys, following the lead of prominent Ames attorney Don Smith. We installed our first Macs in 1985. We were one of the first firms in the county to use Westlaw and the internet as our primary research tools.

We try to serve the general legal needs of our clients much like their family physician serves their medical needs. We have working relationships with specialist attorneys in Des Moines for those matters which are beyond our expertise.

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